Nestra provided the Logistics and IWT Experts for the “West Bengal Inland Water Transport Logistics and Spatial Development Project” for the World Bank.


Nestra provided the Team Leader & Water Transport Management Specialist for the “Study on the Development of Green Ports and Shipping – F1 Development of New Energy Applications in Ports and Shipping” for the Asian Development Bank.


Nestra provided IWT Experts with an overview of vessel financing practices and specific solutions for greening and upgrading vessels in India for the World Bank.


Nestra provided IWT Experts for two US AID-funded studies aimed at improving IWT in India and Bangladesh: 1. Study for domestic fleet upgrade and renewal. 2. Study for connecting two waterways through a new ship lock in West Bengal.


Nestra provided a Programme Manager for the secretariat of the Netherlands-India Maritime programme for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Bangladesh/Bhutan/ Nepal/India

Nestra contributed to the IWT chapter of the “Regional Trade Facilitation and Transport Sector Review Study” for the BBIN countries for Ecorys and the World Bank.


Nestra did a peer review of deliverables in the project “Integration of Inland Waterways Transportation in the Cold Chain in West Bengal” for the World Bank.


Nestra conducted a case study report on Rotterdam port hinterland connectivity as an example for Zhoushan-Yiwu.

South Asia

Nestra provided IWT Experts to prepare concept notes and work plans for USAID engagement with IWT in the South Asian region.


Nestra provided a Team Leader and IWT Experts for the development of the “Inland Water Transport (IWT) Route Network & Master Plan” for the World Bank.