Nestra: A Dutch center of expertise for sustainable transport and logistics solutions
since 2014. We offer incisive consultancy and research aimed at
strengthening transportation policy worldwide.



Nestra offers consultancy in sustainable transport and logistics globally, serving both public and private sectors. Specializing in policy development, public-private partnerships, and institutional growth, their expertise spans inland waterway, road, and multimodal transport. They provide training, technical assistance, and manage international projects in various countries including China, Brazil, and India. Their services include formulating transport policies, trade facilitation studies, national logistics strategy development, and enhancing regulatory bodies’ capacities for efficient transport sector management.


Nestra offers training and technical support for sustainable development in transport and logistics worldwide. They work in countries like China, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Mozambique, Jordan, and Central Asia, aiming to enhance sector professionalism. Their activities involve creating training programs for public and private entities in the industry, thereby fostering sustainable transport and optimizing logistics processes globally.

Why Nestra?

Discover sustainable transportation and logistics strategies with Nestra. In-depth knowledge in policy evaluation, training, technical assistance and project management is available to national and international organizations. With a track record in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, Nestra invites stakeholders to collaborate and innovate. For questions or further information, contact us and explore the possibilities.

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