At Nestra, we strive for sustainable transport solutions through cooperation, innovation and multimodality. We are committed to developing efficient transport and logistics systems, focusing on intermodal concepts, greening, and strategic advice. With our global experience and network, we build bridges between government and industry, focusing on sustainable economic development and reliable logistics chains.

Our Vision

Nestra is committed to sustainable economic growth through efficient and flexible transport and logistics systems. Recognising the need for collaboration and innovation in transport, we are committed to multimodal solutions and scale-up. Through our extensive expertise, we offer in-depth research, strategic advice, and practical implementation aimed at reducing environmental impact and improving global logistics efficiency.

Meet our Team


Harrie de Leijer is an expert in multimodal transport and logistics infrastructure, planning and
management, with a focus on inland waterways transport and ports. He has working experience in Europe,
Asia, Africa and South America. He has a broad experience in managing, carrying out and organising
projects for customers such as port authorities, river authorities, national and regional authorities and
supra-national organisations, International Financing Institutes, shippers, transport operators, terminal
operators, infrastructure managers. His speciality concerns the development of master plans for inland  >>


Sandra van Putten is a partner at Nestra and is an expert in logistics and transport and has extensive
experience in planning and management. Sandra has more than twenty years of experience in transport and
logistics sector and has been delivering projects for national and regional authorities, European Commission
and multi-lateral organizations like World Bank, IADB and others. Her specialty is in areas of assessment of
logistics infrastructure, such as ports, container handling facilities, inland waterway terminals, logistics parks
and related connectivity, institutional and legal development, execution and evaluation of maritime and  >>


Richard van Liere has over a decade’s experience in development of inland waterway transport as part of
multimodal transport solutions. With completed projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America for
international financing institutes, national and regional governments, industry associations and private
organisations, throughout the years, supporting sustainable inland waterway transport development on a global
scale has become an area of focus for Richard. In project, Richard looks into topics like: multimodal transport
planning in perspective of economic corridor development; freight market assessments for modal shift  >>


Ties de Leijer serves as a project manager and consultant at Nestra, specializing in sustainable transport. His
responsibilities encompass an involvement in international projects designed to enhance the environmental
sustainability of the transport sector. As a consultant within Nestra, Ties contributes to various domestic and
international research projects, focusing on areas such as ports, transport and logistics, and multimodal
transport systems.His expertise in sustainable transport is underpinned by a educational foundation, holding a
Bachelor of Science in Human & Environmental Geography and a Master of Science in Environment &  >>

Our Clients